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Lector Store – Make money on sharing your knowledge!

To communicate have since long been what puts mankind apart from other species and not only through spoken languages but with body language as well. Throughout history we have developed a lot of different tools to ease the way of communication; the telegraph, the telephone and now internet and smarter devices makes global communication works fast and smooth.

Lector Tecnologia has been developing software products which focuses on communication via cloud based technology used over the internet. These have been accessible on the web individually but now has a cloud platform been created to link them together with each other; Hereby will follow the presentation of this platform known as Lector Store.


Lector Store is best described as a bank of knowledge, the platform stores information about and how to access different online courses and webinars. The platform stores creations in form of lectures made in Lector Studio, an authoring tool for E-learning courses. The platform also holds information about webinars which can be accessed using Lector Live, a live meeting tool that can be used in many different purposes.


This system is already in use at Universities in Brazil such as FURB and UNIASSELVI but is now heading towards all the corners of the world, both in areas of learning at university level and learning small things that enhance the quality of the everyday life. Together with Lector Studio and Lector Live the creations with these software’s are the core of the Lector Store platform. It is easy accessed at all times and spreads knowledge to those who seek it.

Everyone is FREE to use both Lector Studio and Lector Live if they like to create material, however, to take part of the material comes at a price chosen by the creator. The creator who used the tools for free will receive 80% of the price that is set on the creations and the remaining 20% is the fee for using the tools and the platform. This opens up the possibilities to earn money on your knowledge which can be in three different ways;

  • Courses

By creating courses, or other presentations using the Lector Studio recording authoring tool, one can have the content put on Lector Store. When purchased by someone interested the money will fill up on your Lector Store-account, making you able to purchase other peoples knowledge or link to your Paypal-wallet.

  • Webinars

Webinars held via Lector Live works in a similar way; the auditing or participating persons pay an access fee or a minute rate (optional) to take part of the webinar or meeting. The creator is receiving 80% of this money linked to the Lector Store-account.

  • Sharing

By sharing a course, webinar or other content distributed via Lector Store one can earn small amounts also by sharing interesting content. As an example; you share a course with your Facebook-friends and get three of these to pay for and view the content, you will receive money onto your Lector Store account as well as the author, if you are the author of the content, then that will mean more profit!

This way of creating and sharing content will make the world a richer place in terms of knowledge and also benefit the ones who deserve it, the ones who possess knowledge and are willing to share it. Take part of the knowledge-sharing revolution at today!